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Veterans Fire Protection Inc.

Welcome to Veterans Fire Protection Inc., a stronghold of safety and reliability where our legacy, shaped by seasoned veterans, converges with a resolute vision for the future. Established in 2024, our journey is entrenched in military precision, discipline, and a steadfast commitment to service—a commitment that echoes through the diverse expertise of our team.

In our ranks, you'll find veterans like Jason Kemnitz, a United States Marine Veteran since 2004. Jason specializes in Clean Agent Systems, Kitchen Hood Systems, and primarily Fire Alarm Systems. His journey from hands-on tasks to leading entire departments reflects not only his expertise but also his commitment to mentoring the next generation, emphasizing the crucial role our trade plays in saving lives.

Joe Lambert, with a career spanning four decades since his initiation into the industry in 1984, brings a wealth of experience to our team. His roles have varied, from apprentice to management, and he has served as a Cross Connection instructor for the state of Virginia. Eagerly anticipating his latest venture with Veterans Fire Protection Inc, Joe is committed to delivering a valuable service to our community.

Mike Lebleu, with an illustrious 39-year career in the Fire Protection Industry, contributes diverse expertise as a Safety Officer, Inspector, Manager, Corporate Project Manager, and more. As Operations Manager and Business Owner of a fire protection company, Mike brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Veterans Fire Protection Inc team.

At Veterans Fire Protection Inc., our strength lies not only in individual expertise but also in the collective knowledge that each team member brings. From fire alarm systems to clean agent systems, backflow prevention, and beyond, our diverse backgrounds converge to create a force dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety. As veterans and industry leaders, we are committed to continuous improvement, setting new benchmarks, and ensuring the reliability of the systems that safeguard lives.

Join us on this mission, where the principles of military precision and unwavering dedication merge to shape a future where safety is not just a standard but a legacy. Welcome to Veterans Fire Protection Inc.—where your problem is our solution the expertise is diverse, the commitment is resolute, and the impact is enduring.

Veterans Fire Protection, Inc. Our Commitment to Success
Our Commitment to Success

Nestled in the heart of Richmond, VA, we stand as guardians of your safety, drawing on over 75 years of combined experience in the fire sprinkler and protection industry. As a company founded by the best in the business, our journey is steeped in a rich legacy of service. We're not just experts; we're patriots, driven by a passion for safety and a dedication to excellence. We proudly serve Richmond, VA, and beyond, offering more than just fire protection services. We offer peace of mind, knowing that your safety is entrusted to a team that views every challenge as an opportunity for solutions.

Veterans Fire Protection, Inc. Our Advantage
The Veterans Fire
Protection Inc Advantage

Our commitment extends beyond the call of duty. As a veteran-owned business, we bring a unique blend of discipline, integrity, and unmatched expertise to every project. At Veterans Fire Protection Inc., your safety is not just a task; it's a mission, and we're honored to stand as your partners in protection. Join us in forging a safer future, where our commitment to success aligns seamlessly with your peace of mind.

Veterans Fire Protection, Inc. Our Advantage
Meet the Team
Jason Kemnitz

Jason Kemnitz

Owner & President
Mike LeBlue

Mike LeBleu

Co-Owner & COO
Joe Lambert

Joe Lambert

Operations & Sales
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